Our story

Convoy-Trans was founded in 1992 as a small business oriented towards international transport. The company gradually developed in the freight forwarding sector, where today it has 28 trucks and dump trucks. Our trucks have been moving all over Europe and the region. Our specialty is Italy. Our modern fleet and expert logistics team offer service at the highest level.

Since 2012, we have entered the agro-business sector by purchasing silos in Ćuprija and later by opening purchase stations in Brzan and Sipić. In 2021, we bought over 20,000 tons of cereals and oilseeds and sold over 1,500 tons of mineral fertilizers. Every year we develop and expand our business. From 2023, it is planned to put into operation the most modern Perry corn dryer at the purchase site Brzan.

A significant part of our business portfolio is made up of investments. We manage over 10 properties in Kragujevac and the region. In 2019, we built the most modern cold storage for storing fruit in the industrial zone in Kragujevac. In 2023, it is planned to complete a large production plant that we are building in cooperation with our partners, Puratos Group.

  • Company headquarters, Kragujevac