Convoy-Trans successfully cooperates with over 80 households and companies. We offer free counseling and support to our team. We provide them with all the necessary raw materials to keep their production at the highest level. We provide the possibility of paying in cash or at agrorok. Also, we provide the possibility of deleveraging in wheat, sunflower and corn.

Some of our subcontractors are:

  • Agronis DOO
  • Agrohealth PZ
  • Agro-Land DOO
  • Golden Class LTD.
  • Fodor DOO
  • Jeremić DOO
  • Aviv Agrar LTD
  • Taverns Komerc DOO
  • VB Agron DOO
  • LMS System LTD
  • Tiger Brzan Plast Gate of Šumadija PR
  • Telbis Agrar SZR
  • Goofy PR
  • Bojan Grujić TPR
  • Christmas Nenad PG
  • Nolić Boban PG
  • Nikolic Bojan PG

Would you like to become our subcontractor and work with us? Send inquiry to or call +381 60 3853 517