Welcome to our web site

Konvoj trans d.o.o is one of leaders in international transportation in Sout-East part of Europe .

Our company, located in Kragujevac, (Central part of Republic Serbia) is established 1992. like legacy of family busyness, making transportation service mainly on West Europe.

Our main principle in business are :

  • To work on high standards in transportation service
  • To provide professional, prompt service with mandatory compliance to agreed terms
  • To all our customers, whether they are large systems or individuals have the same quality, professional service

From first to the present day, our core principles have not changed. Our product is service and we try to make our product is the best in the industry.


Commitment to providing excellent service in the transportation of goods while maintaining the highest standards in safety, with maximum accuracy and compliance with deadlines.

Members of our team are obliged to respect each other, our customers and to promote safety, security and professionalism in everything they do.



  • Providing top quality transportation services.
  • Respect given and delivery deadlines.
  • Improving safety procedures and safety at work
  • Teamwork as a basis for quality work